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On October 11, the BC Health Coalition sent a letter to candidates who are running for Mayor of Vancouver as well as to parties that are not running mayoral candidates. You can find the full letter under the following responses*:

Responses from candidates for Mayor

Gölök Z Buday, Independent:

It's wrong and unneeded, a separate door.  I can't see a rational reason for it.
It denies individual dignity, and draws people in a broad stroke, it's shameful.

Sean Cassidy, Independent:

I spoke against it at council in July.

Connie Fogal, IDEA:

My God this is so outrageous, discriminatory, probably unconstitutional, and totally unacceptable. IDEA candidates do not support these separate doors and if elected certainly would move to end them. As I work through this election I find more and more so unacceptable of what the last council has done.  I did not know they were doing this. I am appalled. This last council had no conscience it is clear and were totally in the hands of the demands of  developers . 

Fred Harding, Vancouver First:

Thank you for your letter and your email.

It reminded me very clearly of the young boy I once was, being forced to stand in a separate line for lunch, because, as one of the few poor kids in the school, my family could not afford to pay. It was humiliating and discriminatory, and I ended that practice too. 

Maynard Aubichon, Weed Party:

I support a ban on poor doors you yes. It seems discriminatory and i love the poor people.  Theres more taxes in poverty than in bc hst.  The computer coward is our next battle on twitter and facebook. 

Responses from parties without a Mayoral candidate


Here is our candidate Jean Swanson debating on the issue of "poor doors" -

Green Party:

Vancouver Greens, who hold the principle of social equity as one of their party's founding principles, do not support the idea of "poor doors". Councillor Adriane Carr notes: "At a recent public hearing, I spoke strongly in Council against a 'poor door' and strongly in support of an amendment to replace segregated children's playgrounds with one children's playground for all residents of a proposed West End housing development. I was prepared to vote against the project on the basis of the "poor door" but was convinced to vote for it by information relayed to Council that the non-profit housing provider did not want a shared entrance based on the higher operating costs and possibility of liabilities. These issues need to be resolved."  

*These responses are presented unedited and in alphabetical order. We contacted the candidates and parties on October 11 and these are the responses received as of October 17.

Full letter sent to candidates:

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